Telling The Story Project

Tell a story, save a life.

Telling the Story

We’re creating injury prevention messages that highlight personal stories and first-hand experiences. Who are the storytellers?  Farmers, agricultural workers, and family and community members who’ve been impacted by injuries, fatalities, or close calls. Told in their own words, their experiences provide valuable information to learn what went wrong and how to prevent or avoid similar […]

Jason and Roxanne

“The doctor .. said ‘I remember that; it was talked about, it was used as a learning opportunity for the medical community.’ Because it is so rare, you don’t hear about this happening.  If you do, you hear it because somebody died; it’s not because somebody lived. And that is with me every, every single […]


“Live today like you are going to die tomorrow, but farm today like you are going to farm forever.” Mike Biadasz loved farming.


When the ATV tipped, he knew the outcome would be bad. He heard his thigh bone snap when 700 pounds of equipment rolled over him.