"I'd heard stories in the military about landmine victims still feeling like they had limbs... so I resolved to feel my way down my leg to determine how badly I was hurt." Brad Guse looks back, explaining how he ended up with his foot and leg caught in an operating silage blower, a fateful incident that primed his advocacy for farm safety.  Read more...



"How did you ever survive this?" was the question David Endorf's neighbors asked when they saw where he was pinned under an ATV in a steep ditch.  Endorf explains what got him into - and out of - a "heck of a predicament."  His advice comes from a thoughtful look-back at that day.  Read more...



A bolting bovine and broken bones.  Susan Littlefield tells her story about her son's advice and an injury that was more serious than she realized, yet could have been much, much worse.  Read more...


Jerry and Julie

Jerry and Julie Nelson look back 30 years to the unforgettable summer day he "should have died."  He was doing something he'd done hundreds of times before on his family's dairy farm - fixing a clog in a manure pump.  Read more ...



Leon Sheets was engulfed in a flash fire that left 20% of his body with second- and third-degree burns.  He was pressure washing in his confinement building  when an electric spark ignited methane gas released from foaming manure.  Read more...



When the ATV tipped, he knew the outcome would be bad.

He heard his thigh bone snap when 700 pounds of equipment rolled over him.